Frequently Asked Questions


Q- How does the slumber party rental service work?

A- Our services are to provide you with a magical, and unforgettable slumber party experience! You will first choose your theme and package options, we deliver and set up the chosen theme at your venue, and return the next day to retrieve the slumber party set ups.

Q- Do we travel?

A- Travel is included up to 20 miles from 30813. We will travel up to 1 hour away from 30813 with a minimum $300 party rental, and additional travel fee.

Q- Are there age requirements?

A- Our parties are designed for children turning 4 through adults. Yes, we do adult parties too!

Q- How do I book a party?

A- You will be asked for your email address to send you our questionnaire. Once we have received your response, you will receive an invoice to pay 50% of your retainer within 24 hours. Upon a received retainer, a contract agreement will be emailed and must be signed to secure your date. The remaining 50% of your balance is due 7 days before the party date.

A deposit and signed contract are required to secure a party date.

Q- Can we setup in a hotel, or another venue? 

A- Yes, we can. It will be your responsibility to secure the location and pay all fees associated. You must also verify that we can setup for this purpose at the location. Please double check their party and occupancy rules, as we do not issue refunds

if we are not allowed to setup that day. We will not move any furniture. Sweet Dreaming Slumber Parties LLC will not be

liable for any damages done to the space. 

Q- What time is setup, and how long is the rental duration?

A- Drop off and pick up times are typically scheduled between 10:00am-1:00pm. The rental duration is 19 hours for

overnight parties, and 6 hours for day parties. If you would like to extend the hours, feel free to ask if we can accommodate you. We will send an email confirmation for your set up time 2 days prior.


Q- What do the children get to keep? 

A- The birthday child gets to keep all custom items/gifts on their setup, goodie bags/gable boxes, and other items will be noted to you in your contract. 

Q- Will you host the slumber party too?

A- Unfortunately, we do not host any slumber parties at this time. Please check our add-ons for additional fun activities,

and custom items.

Q- How far in advance can I book/what's the latest I can book a party?

A- Parties must be booked at least 14 days in advance. An additional $50-$75 fee will apply if booked less than 14 days.

 Parties can be booked for any future date, the earlier the better to guarantee your date.

Q- Can I add additional tents, or subtract tents from a package?

A- Yes, you can. To add additional tents to the Slumber Dreaming Package is $30 each, and $20 to reduce the number of tents. To add to the BFF Dreaming or Enchanted Dreaming package it is $50 each, and to reduce the Enchanted Dreaming Package is $20. 

Only 1 additional tent setup can be added to the BFF Dreaming package, and a maximum of 2 additional tent setups on

our packages of 5. Our minimum tent rental is 2 tent setups.

Q- Can I make changes to my party?

A- Of course! Changes can be made up to 7 days prior to your party date. This is to ensure we can accommodate all of 

the magic that Sweet Dreaming Slumber Parties LLC offer.

Q- Is there a cancellation policy?

A- You have "3 days" to cancel your party once the retainer has been paid to receive a full refund. Parties booked less than

14 days in advance will not receive a refund. You may reschedule for any future open date that is available at no additional

cost, unless there are packages changes. The refund will be issued to the original form of payment.

Q- Are items cleaned after each use?

A- Most definitely! We inspect items and do an inventory upon pickup. Our items are laundered in a hypoallergenic

detergent directly after each use. We use mattress and pillow protectors on all of our bedding. Surface items are wiped

down with disinfectant sprays. Décor pillows and stuffed animals are sprayed to add a protective layer, and sanitized as needed. Décor pillows and stuffed animals are not to be slept on.

Q- Do you offer military discounts?

A- We offer $10 off any slumber party package, except the BFF Dreaming package. You must mention this at the time of booking.

Q- Can I add my own decorations to the tent setups?

A- You may add your own decorations as long as nothing is attached or affixed to the tent set ups. This is so the setups

aren't compromised, as safety is a priority for us.

Q- How much space is needed?

A- For your selection we offer 2 different tent styles, and 3 different size air mattresses. The kids size air mattresses require approximately 36"X 62" per tent setup, the single size air mattresses require approximately 30"X 80" per tent setup, and the twin sized air mattresses require approximately 40" X 80" per

tent setup (this size is most appropriate for teens and adults). 

Q- Do you have recommendations for additional activities, bakers, treat makers, bounce houses etc.?

A- Yes we do! Check our add-on page for custom items, and activities we offer in additions to our slumber parties. We work with other local small businesses to add on to our services. Let us know what you have in mind and we can provide you a quote, without you having to call and arrange it yourself.

Q- Do you offer slumber parties for adults?

A- Absolutely, adults can have parties too! Please contact us for a quote.

Q- Is Sweet Dreaming Slumber Parties LLC a registered business?

A- We are registered with the SOS of Georgia, and we have obtained an occupational license with Columbia County, Ga

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