Outdoor Movie Night Rental

Our Movie Night Rental Experience is the perfect addition to your night! It's perfect for celebrations, birthdays, watching your favorite sports game, putting your video game on the big screen, or just to have an awesome movie night with family.


The rental is $175 for a 1 night rental.


It includes:

An inflatable movie screen

HD Projector

quality sound speaker

Up to 8 lawn chairs

And a snack cart filled with popcorn, assorted candy, and chilled drinks. 

Our projector is equipped with HDMI, and USB ports. You can hook up your laptop, gaming system, DVD player, Roku/ Firestick, or rent our Firestick.




We do not specifically advertise any movies, as these are under copyright laws, and licensing agreements. You will be responsible for providing, and connecting a device to transmit the movie. A fire stick, or DVD player can be included in the rental for an additional fee. We can not guarantee any connections via wifi. Once the inflatable screen is up, we will test the picture and audio. If your wifi is able to reach your outdoor area, it is recommended to disconnect all wifi enabled devices, or use your phone as a hotspot to have secure, uninterrupted internet access

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